Who we are


Umseisum's competencies cover the areas of architecture, engineering, construction, design, decoration and real estate with innovative concepts, both in terms of negotiation and design, as well as execution and material.

Convinced that the future in the coming years will go through the rationalization of investment in these sectors with the reuse of the existing one, umseisum has a research and analysis department of new solutions and new materials, whose purpose is to obtain the best results in aesthetic and durability terms, appropriate price at the present time, thus creating the concept of smart investment.

By gathering skills throughout the construction process cycle, umseisum offers its client the resulting advantage, that is, the synergy created, which usually translates into reducing the value of the investment and obtaining a final product that pleases and satisfies.

Thus, umseisum  is clearly positioned in the idealization and realization of dreams for the different economic powers.

Through its real estate area, it is now possible to find that house, loft, apartment, space or villa, small or large, which inhabits the imaginary of our clients and negotiate the best price for their purchase, use the areas of architecture and engineering to idealize all housing spaces with quality, durability and low cost, settle the construction process of recovery, rehabilitation or "new" in the area of construction, and design pieces of furniture, also decorating the total space, with its areas of design and decoration.

With its business plan totally focused on optimizing the client's investment, umseisum specialized in the realization of your dreams, taking into account your wishes, needs and financial resources available for the Project.

The one is thus the dimension that brings together all the universes necessary for those who have a dream to make it come true.

Because we create with rigor, knowledge, weighting, experience and passion.

(more information in www.umseisum.com)